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Dried Distiller’s Grains and Solubles (DDGS)

Dried Distiller’s Grains and Solubles (DDGS) is the by-product of our bioethanol production from maize. Our Protimaize DDGS product is made available to the global livestock feed industry.

DDGS process

Distiller's dried grains with solubles are the dried residue remaining after the starch fraction of corn. It is fermented with selected yeasts and enzymes to produce ethanol and carbon dioxide.

The alcohol is removed by distillation leaving whole stillage with solids which is further centrifuged into wet cake. It is the wet cake, recirculated DDGS and syrup mixture from evaporation that undergoes a drying process to produce the final high protein animal feed: Protimaize DDGS.

The Protimaize advantage

DDGS is concentrated protein, with about three times the protein content of the grain that was processed. The DDGS contains a significant amount of valuable yeast protein.

This high protein feed is known to increase efficiency and to lower the risk of subacute acidosis for animals.

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Alcotra Africa is the exclusive distributor of alcohol and DDGS produced by AlcoNCP.