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Monde 2023

AlcoNCP’s High Purity Extra Neutral Ethanol was awarded Gold at the 2024 Monde Selection International Quality Institute, the world’s leading Quality Institute for consumer products.


Since its first participation in 1969, AlcoNCP has been awarded Gold or Grand Gold Quality Awards over 55 years from Monde Selection.  This demonstrates our outstanding people and their commitment to continuously offer our customers the best quality product,” said Peter Starling, Managing Director at AlcoNCP.

A panel of experts selected by Monde Selection subjected each product to a thorough evaluation process, adhering to stringent criteria. The Monde Selection award is a testament to the calibre of High Purity Extra Neutral Ethanol in the class of spirits and liqueurs.

“When consumers see the Monde Selection Quality Awards label, they receive confirmation and assurance that they are selecting a product of high calibre,” states Mr Louis Poot Baudier, the Managing Director at Monde Selection.

Monde Selection is one of the world’s largest Quality Institutes that benefits from an incomparable strong experience built since 1961. Ever since the sought-after Quality Awards have been the revered international seal of quality for producers from all over the world.

Established in Belgium in 1961 and represented in almost 90 countries, Monde Selection stands as the foremost authority in the quality assessment of spirits and liqueurs. With unequalled expertise and a legacy of excellence, it is one of the oldest and most distinguished institutes conducting rigorous evaluations based on organoleptic and scientific parameters. Annually, hundreds of spirits and liqueurs strive to attain the prestigious Monde Selection Quality Award, emphasizing its unrivalled status in the industry.

Monde Selection’s spirits and liqueurs jury is composed of independent and renowned specialists, featuring oenologists, master sommeliers, and oenology professors. Each member is meticulously chosen for their experience and unwavering integrity.