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  • 150 years of Distilling Quality Ethanol 150 years of Distilling Quality Ethanol
  • Award Winning Neutral Alcohols Award Winning Neutral Alcohol
  • Striving for Sustainability Striving for Sustainability
  • DDGS Livestock feed Producers of Quality Protein-rich DDGS


Producers of high quality neutral alcohol and DDGS

AlcoNCP is a leading producer of various grades of high-quality neutral alcohol and DDGS feed for the South African and International beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and livestock feed markets.

Our product offering - fermented from sustainable locally grown maize - includes a range of neutral ethanol products and Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) - a protein-rich livestock feed.


How do we Produce our Product?

What we do is produce ethanol and DDGS from maize. The maize is milled, mashed in the presence of enzymes to convert the starch component of maize to sugar which is then fermented to produce a “beer”. The beer is distilled through a series of specialized distillation columns to yield a final neutral alcohol of 96.4% strength and exceptional quality. The remaining stillage is processed via evaporation, decantation and drying to produce a high protein animal feed, Protimaize DDGS.

AlcoNCP Refinery
AlcoNCP Product Range


Sustainability is one of the core drivers of our production activities and business practices. This means improving and innovating the production process wherever feasible.

Our newly commissioned plant, was designed and engineered with our Sustainability goals as one of the main areas of focus. Our business practices are defined within the framework of internationally recognized and sustainable management systems which ensures that our team delivers the company’s objectives effectively and efficiently through one system.

AlcoNCP Laduma Newsletter December 2023

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Scam Warning

Fraudsters are sending out letters stating that AlcoNCP’s banking details have changed. This is not the case, and if you have received any such correspondence please contact AlcoNCP or your Customer Services Controller. Please notify all relevant personnel in your organisation urgently.